Silver Lake Audio

Rental Agreement

This document will serve as a RENTAL AGREEMENT between the undersigned, who hereby certifies that he/she is an authorized agent of the company (CUSTOMER) specified below, and SILVER LAKE AUDIO (SLA). In signing this agreement, it is understood that the CUSTOMER will be responsible to SLA for abiding by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Each time a specific piece of equipment is rented, a contract will be issued by SLA identifying the specific equipment, stating the full declared value of the equipment, the length of rental, and the fee for the rental. It is understood and agreed between the parties that they will be bound by not only the terms of that contract, but by the terms of this agreement.
  2. Legal title and ownership of all equipment will at all times remain vested in SLA.
  3. CUSTOMER acknowledges the value of the property as stated is a reasonable replacement cost.
  4. Immediately upon receipt from SLA, CUSTOMER will inspect and test equipment. CUSTOMER acknowledges that equipment is received in good working condition unless SLA is notified to the contrary at the time of receipt. If CUSTOMER finds equipment is not in good working condition, SLA shall issue a replacement at no charge to CUSTOMER.
  5. SLA will not be held responsible for:
    1. Equipment which is not tested by CUSTOMER upon receipt and fails to operate properly at time of broadcast.
    2. Revenues lost by CUSTOMER as a result of equipment which has failed to operate properly.
  6. The equipment at all times and until returned to SLA shall be held at the sole risk of the CUSTOMER for injury, loss or destruction. If CUSTOMER ships the equipment back to SLA, CUSTOMER will insure the shipment for the full declared value as listed on the invoice. CUSTOMER shall keep the equipment in a clean and protected condition, and shall not permit anyone to injure or deface it. CUSTOMER shall be responsible for all repair costs of equipment which has been damaged beyond normal wear and tear, or replacement costs for equipment which has been lost, stolen or destroyed.
  7. Any equipment which has been damaged shall be returned to SLA for repairs. Under no circumstances will CUSTOMER attempt to make repairs or modifications to equipment.
  8. Equipment reservations which are cancelled three (3) or more business days prior to scheduled delivery date shall incur no penalty to CUSTOMER, unless otherwise agreed to by both parties upon signing of this agreement. Rentals which are cancelled after equipment has been shipped by SLA shall be billed a minimum of the one (1) week rental rate.
  9. Equipment which is not returned to SLA on the date agreed to in the contract shall be billed for the additional time at the regular rental rate until the day it is delivered back to SLA.

Rental Rates